PFC Technology Timeline


Bruce Noble, Darlene Noble and Steve Denison purchase the assets of The Lining Company and commence for business June 1st as PipeFlo Contracting Corp. in a 5000 square feet location at 486 Arvin Avenue, Stoney Creek, Ontario.


PipeFlo’s company foundation was built as a subcontractor for private, industrial and municipal contracts. Main services provided were pipeline data collection, maintenance cleaning, pipeline testing, CIPP spot repair, grout and private drain rehabilitation.


PipeFlo moves to a new 15,000 square feet location at 180 Chatham Street, Hamilton, Ontario to accommodate our fleet of 20 specialized vehicles and 25 employees.


PipeFlo concludes an agreement with BKP Berolina-Liner of Berlin, Germany to purchase the equipment for the installation of UV Light Cured Pipe Liners, making PipeFlo one of the first contractors in North America to offer this service.


PipeFlo concludes an agreement with Cosmic of Kasten, Austria for the purchase of an UV Light Cured in Place Spot Repair system. PipeFlo also purchases the Cues Sonar Profiler System and Laser Pipe Profiler.


PipeFlo expands Cosmic services with the purchase of C120 “Top Hat” system; an UV cured glass fiber connection sealing system and C120 Eliminator; a robotic self-propelled electric cutter system for precision pipeline cutting. PipeFlo also switches from LCD to LED lights for the Cosmic UV CIPP Spot Repair System to increase production rate & maximize efficiency.


Pipeflo purchases the IBAK Lisy Lateral Launch and Mainline Inspection Truck for the camera inspection of branch sewers and laterals from the mainline.


Pipeflo purchases second BKP Berolina-Liner System with 1000 watt UV light curing, designed for efficient curing of larger diameter pipelines from 500mm to 1200mm.


PipeFlo expands trenchless services with the purchase of:

PipeFlo purchases a two acre, 29,000 square feet building at 111 Frid Street Hamilton, Ontario to accommodate our expanded fleet of 35 specialized vehicles and 50 employees.


Pipeflo adds to their fleet three additional Cosmic technology units

PipeFlo introduces trenchless concrete renewal systems for sanitary and storm pipes;